Mrs. Linda Arrey-Mbi Nkwenti (is a Published Author, Certified Life and Leadership Coach, Philanthropist and Speaker. In addition to holding the position of President of Cameroonian-American Military Professionals, she is the Chief Executive Office of Women in Leadership Development and Empowerment , a philanthropic organization of professional women from diverse backgrounds curated from Linda’s vision and commitment to educate and empower women globally while improving individual and community standards. Coach Linda (as she is best known) is constantly seeking innovative ways to give back to the community through mobilization, direct service, donations, and more. She is transforming lives by equipping working mothers to use their God-given talents to up-level personally and professionally by finding clarity, implementing structure and establishing an execution strategy.She has over ten years of experience helping women all over the world overcome personal and professional roadblocks so they can thrive and live a life of fulfillment.

Upon becoming a mother, she has long advocated for the discovery of balance and compassion for working mothers thriving at home and in the workplace. Coach Linda is on a mission to help working mothers live their best lives.

As a highly sorted after speaker, she has given keynote addresses, facilitated workshops and spoken across numerous diverse platforms to include the TEDx stage. Her book, “ Memoirs of a Working Mother: Fighting for Balance, Managing Expectations and Channeling Love ,” reveals among other things, the challenges and triumphs of returning to work after childbirth, battling with fibroid, finding balance with family and above all else, the quest to love the reflection in the mirror through a robust offering of stories, strategies, and anecdotes. Coach Linda is also the creator of “Working Mothers Win,” a curriculum and elite coaching program providing tools and resources for professional working mothers to rediscover their purpose, conquer work-life balance, overcome feelings of guilt, attain financial flexibility, and unapologetically make self care a priority. She is also working with men and women across the nation to transform their humanitarian ideas and concepts into fully functioning registered non-profit 501c charities through her six weeks non-profit startup program.

Mrs. Nkwenti holds a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration and Business. Among other community and professional organizations, she is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and the NGO Committee on the Status of Women Globally. As a Captain in the United States Air Force Medical Service Corps, she serves as the Chief Information Officer
for the 436th Medical Group. She is a member of Academy Women, a world class professional development organization for military women and veterans.

She enjoys travelling and spending quality time with her husband and their two daughters.Above all else, she loves the Lord.